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About us

We’re in Italy…..


U.S. based KJK Europa, Inc. has been specializing in high end fashion consulting between the United States and Europe since 1989.

Now, president and managing owner American Jayne Koehler has decided to dedicate full time to her true passion….sailing.

In keeping with the spirit of KJK Europa, “Aorangi” is truly high end sailing.

A beautifully classic S & S Swan 47 is “piercing the clouds” and bringing a rainbow wherever she sails.

For a few more years we plan to continue our enjoyment of the incomparable Old World magic of the Mediterranean.

From it’s culture to it’s natural beauty, exquisite culinary scene to fine viticulture, great sailing to just relaxing, Italy has everything and more to offer even the most discerning traveler.   It will certainly be another year of discovery for us, and of course we love to share the fun.



So why not come join us…. We’ve still so much to see and do before heading home!

 >>> For more details see our Program

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