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Program - Philosophy

Aorangi has crossed the Atlantic several times and is looking forward to an opportunity to do so again in the not so distant future. But until then it’s time to enjoy the Mediterranean...

• Aorangi is crewed by US Skipper Jayne Koehler Piazzini, who also holds an Italian Skipper’s license. She will be accompanied by a qualified local Skipper to ensure the best, and most interesting stay on board. English and Italian are spoken fluently, though German and French speaking crew are available upon request.  

• With years of experience as a passenger on board high end private sailing cruises, Jayne is well aware of what it takes to be able to relax and enjoy yourself in comfort. Our experienced “sailing chef” is available should you prefer a more refined cuisine to our comfortable Italian “home cooking”. There is a vast list of potential options in order to help you decide exactly which type of menu is preferred. Relaxation? Romance? Escape?  Aorangi is the yacht to “Do The Dream”.

• Having discovered sailing in the South Pacific due to her love for whales, Skipper Jayne is enthusiastic about the opportunity to offer Aorangi as a support vessel for cetacean research at the lowest possible cost. We all know how cetaceans and sailing go hand in hand, and after seeing her first pod of young Sperm Whales out at sea in Spring near the Balearics in Spain, and traveling off the western coast of Sardinia in September seeing another large Common Whale breach ahead of the bow before leaving a large footprint, she’s ready to transfer “the passion for whales” from the South Pacific to the Mediterranean.  (and beyond should the occasion present itself)

• With a history of racing, as well as cruising, Aorangi is just waiting to take on the next regatta with all of her experience and intrepid spirit.  Fully equipped to handle some of the most challenging races in her category, the "Rolex" circuit with the "Giraglia", "Swan Cup", and the "Middle Sea Race", we may just find ourselves in Malta, or St. Tropez this year.   And there's also the "Siracusa-Malta" and the "Carthago Dilecta Est" in July and August. All of these exciting races are available with a minimum of 4 participants (max 8) in order to calendar the event.  So start planning and dreaming at the same time.  Who knows.....

• With extensive management background and awards for team building, Jayne is more than aware of how key management coordination is needed in order to be effective. We’d be happy to have small teams on board to illustrate just what teamwork means on a very challenging course, in a proven “high performance cruiser” the Swan 47. We’re willing and able to work hand in hand with you on a program to fit your needs.

Need experience, or just want to navigate? Both are possible with our repositioning voyages; providing a serious sailing challenge for all levels of expertise. For those needing nautical miles for license credit, this is a perfect occasion to navigate and accumulate! Transfers include stops along the way, so a fulfilling experience is guaranteed, along with a pause to take it all in.

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