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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Foods and beverages

Are wine and other alcoholic beverages included?
If they are requested as part of the cruise cost, we will be happy to supply them at the current market prices.   If you would like us to choose the wines for your cruise you need only let us know and we will be more than willing to put together an interesting selection for you.

What kind of food and who does the cooking?  And who takes care of the provisions?
You eat well!  “what” depends on the event for obvious reasons:  hard on the wind is a little different menu than when you’re at anchor..... every event has it’s own particular organization of the provisions, but in any case there is no lack of good food and it’s  classic Italian cooking.   Provisions are included in the price of your event, and all is top quality.   Any extras that you wish to bring or purchase are at individual expense.
The galley is managed by the skipper but if you’d like to participate just ask.

Friends - Kids - Pets

Is it possible to have friends on board for dinner or a day sail?
If this possibility is arranged and included in your final booking.

Is it possible to bring children on board?
Aorangi is not equipped for the safety of children on board and therefore it is not possible.

Is it possible to bring animals on board?
It is not possible to have animals on board.


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